Geneo Glo2facial in honolulu

geneo glo2facial
geneo glo2facial

We are so excited to announce that Babe Cave will be carrying the Geneo Facial device here in Hawaii ! Available in Honolulu area. Geneo is the first device to help clients naturally through customized treatments which are immediate, and long lasting results.


Photos provided by Geneo

How it works:

Exfoliation: Natural ingredient found in the Geneo OxyPod react to the primer only found in Geneo products which pleasantly exfoliates the skin. This activates the oxygenation process within the treated skin.

Oxygenation: Unique to the Geneo device, the oxygenation process triggers the facial client’s body to naturally oxygen internally within the skin. Oxygen is then carried outward to the surface level of the skin. The high levels of oxygen also preps the skin to absorb the nutrients through out the rest of the treatment area.

Nourishments: Now that the skin is exfoliated and Oxygenated the skin is now ready to receive nourishments which is a blend of active ingredients exclusively used with the Geneo ultrasound device. This allows for the best results of hydration and skin nourishment.


Who can receive the Geneo Facial / treatment ?

This device is approved for all ages and all skin types. The Geneo also can be used on any part of the body based on your skins needs.

If your curious about how this facial will improve your skin book your appointment today! Do not wait until your skin has more problems!