Retainer Policy:

Retainer required for lash sets, lifts and services over an hour. Retainer are non-refundable (50% of the service(s))  to hold the appointment. All retainers are deductible to their appointment cost. Canceling or rescheduling the appointment 24 hours prior will result in the loss of the retainer . Canceling day of appointment is a 100% of the service cost. Which will result in the loss of the deposit, plus the remaining cost of the appointment. A new appointment of any service will not be made until the cancelation fee is paid. 

To make a deposit we accept Venmo, Google Wallet, or in person deposits can be made but please text to schedule payments.  

Sick Policy 

If sick please stay home but please keep in mind that cancellation policies are still implemented, as auto scheduling is set up. Try your best to cancel or rechedule 48 hours in advance. 

Cancellation / Late Policy

Emergencies happen, which we understand, but please be respectful of our time. We do not take deposits for established clients, but canceling continuously will result in removal of being on a client list. Canceling 48 hours before is a 50% charge of the service(s) Canceling or no show 24 hours before is a 100% charge of the service(s). We will be happy to reschedule once the cancellation fee(s) are paid. 

Consistent No- Shows, last minute cancellations, & late clients will be removed from clients list, and future appointments will also be removed at the digression of Babe Cave Hawai’i LLC or the lash artist. (We reserve our right to refuse service.

Children,Babies, Animals, and Groups

Babies and Children are great, but for an extra relaxing environment please find proper care for your children prior to your appointment. If your child needs adult supervision please find care, as the salon WILL NOT watch or allow  your child to remain in the salon unsupervised. If you need to reschedule please text to let us know at least 24 hours in advance. If the service is disrupted time will be deducted from your appointment, and/ or we will ask you to reschedule and pay for your appointment.  

Animals: Service animals are welcome. Although if your animal does relieve itself in the salon you will be asked to clean up after your animal and pay for any damages. 


Groups for bridal/ special event parties are welcome but as for having a group wait for you in service room will be asked to move to the front of the shop. All other guests will be asked to wait in the front of the shop. Please keep in mind that the front of shop is small and has a very limited amount od chairs as well as service room which has no seats. ( No Guest for Brazillians) 

Relash / Refills 

  • No Relash or fills may be done from other salons

  • Refills past 3 weeks may have an additional time charge 

  • Refills past 4 weeks is a new set as most lashes must be removed from growth or have fallen out. 

  • Do not come in with eye makeup on. (eye liner, heavy creamy eye shadow, heavy foundation, and no Mascara) time washing heavy makeup off is time away from your appointment. 

  • Please preschedule your appointment prior to leaving to ensure your future appointment as we book 2 weeks out and have less availability week of. 

  • No Refunds/ exchanges

  • Babe Cave Hawaii / & lash artist reserve our right to refuse service. 

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